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DewStack is an all-in-one platform for creating, managing, and hosting documentation. With the ability to import content from various formats, it offers a user-friendly editor and a customizable interface that allows users to create documentation according to their specific needs.

The platform is designed for team collaboration and supports multiple languages. Users can choose to host their documentation on their domain or the platform's free sub-domain, and DewStack provides access roles and permissions to ensure everyone has the appropriate access.

Additionally, DewStack offers SmartDocs, an AI-powered feature that allows users to search for and obtain accurate, relevant answers in real-time. It also includes a Q&A chatbot integration to reduce workload and help users receive instant assistance.

SmartDocs enables users to create user manuals, knowledge bases, system designs, product documents, private notes, release notes, and FAQs.DewStack offers a structured content ready to edit with a powerful embedded editor that is customizable with predefined templates.

Rich embeds, tables, and beautiful call-outs make editing easy and intuitive with the ability to embed content from more than 30 platforms, including Airtable, Typeform, and CodePen.

Furthermore, the platform supports drag-and-drop ordering, nested pages, and is a highly customizable, DIY platform with multi-language support. DewStack caters to several use cases, from teams writing their user manuals and knowledge bases to creating product documentation.

It also comes with options to choose from a public or private workspace, a custom domain, a free SSL certificate, and insightful analytics to measure documentation performance.

Overall, DewStack provides a simple-to-use, affordable, and versatile platform to build and host documentation.


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Pros and Cons


Import content from various formats
User-friendly editor
Customizable interface
Team collaboration support
Multiple languages support
Own domain hosting option
Access roles and permissions
SmartDocs feature for real-time answers
Q&A chatbot integration
Supports user manuals, knowledge bases, system designs, product documents, private notes, release notes, and FAQs
Powerful embedded editor
Customizable with predefined templates
Ability to embed content
Supports drag-and-drop ordering
Nested pages
Highly customizable, DIY platform
Public or private workspace
Free SSL certificate
Insightful analytics
Rich embeds, tables, call-outs
Multiple use cases
Inviting internal or external teams
Role-based access permissions
Free sub-domain option
Simultaneously manages multiple documents
Transforms any document into an interactive knowledge base
PDF, Docx, Markdown, HTML, and Zip file import
Embed content from 30+ platform
Embed iframes, code blocks, custom scripts
Google docs, Notion, Confluence files import
Word & Excel paste support
Seamless chatbot integration
Instant accurate answers widget
Easily embed chatbot on site


Limited import formats
Restrictive editor customizability
No third-party integrations
No mobile application
Doesn't provide version control
Lack of multi-factor authentication
No collaboration in real-time
Lacks offline access
No comment feature in documents
Limited pre-defined templates


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