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Knowledge assistant for orgs' info sharing.
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Pragma is an AI tool that offers a knowledge assistant to organizations looking to accelerate the discovery and sharing of knowledge and information. The tool boasts several features designed to make accessing information more convenient and effortless, including integrations with several popular knowledge and collaboration platforms like Google Drive, Notion, Intercom, and Salesforce.

The tool provides fast and direct access to knowledge sources, with auto-suggested answers available directly within Slack. Users can also access information quickly and when needed through the Chrome Extension and get auto-suggested answers right within Gmail.

Additionally, the tool offers a chat interface for direct and instant answers to customer inquiries, as well as the ability to create, capture, and verify FAQs to facilitate learning and fuel business best practices.

The tool also emphasizes collaboration with team members by providing secure integrations with personalized privacy options. Finally, the tool offers continuous updates and validated knowledge to increase productivity while addressing missing or outdated information.

Overall, Pragma's knowledge assistant is a reliable and efficient AI tool for organizations looking to streamline their knowledge management processes and improve overall productivity.


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Pros and Cons


Integrates with popular platforms
Auto-suggested answers within Slack
Quick access via Chrome Extension
Auto-suggestions in Gmail
Chat interface for easy answers
Ability to create FAQs
Secure integrations with privacy options
Continuous updates of knowledge base
Collaboration with team members
Validation of knowledge
Addressing missing or outdated info
Accessible anywhere
Fast-tracks awareness of updates
Increased confidence with verified knowledge
Ability to include experts
Direct access to knowledge sources
Helps fuel business best practices
Slack bot saves effort
Adds your own content
Facilitates learning
Privacy-first approach to integrations
Flexible integration options
Customizable privacy settings
Controls data storage choice
Optimized for sales enablement


No mobile app
Limited integration options
No data localization
No Microsoft Outlook integration
No enterprise-grade security
Doesn't support multiple languages
No multi-user collaboration
Can't customize interface
No customer service options
No offline access


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