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Organized access to conversational knowledge base.
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Knowbase is an AI knowledge base tool that allows users to store, organize, and access their files and information in an intuitive and conversational manner.

Users can upload various types of files such as PDFs, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, video and audio recordings, as well as YouTube videos through provided links.

The tool is like a combination of Dropbox and ChatGPT, enabling users to interact with their collected knowledge just as they would with a chatbot.The tool provides a Library feature, which allows users to access all their organized files in one place.

Users can also share their Knowbase chat with others, promoting knowledge sharing and collaboration. Knowbase supports transcription of video and audio recordings into text, offering a maximum transcription duration of 900 minutes for the Standard plan.

The tool supports a wide range of languages for transcription and chat interactions.Knowbase offers a free plan with 100 MB of storage space and 10 questions per month, providing users with an opportunity to test and explore the functionality of the tool.

There are additional paid plans available, depending on the user's storage and usage requirements.Overall, Knowbase is a user-friendly and convenient AI knowledge base tool that helps individuals and teams organize their information effectively and access it through natural language interactions.


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Oct 27, 2023
Knowbase is serving successfully hundreds of users. If you expirienced any issues please let us know at [email protected] and we will do everything we can to resolve your issues.
Oct 27, 2023
Sign up is working good :)
Oct 22, 2023
There is no way to sign up
Oct 11, 2023
The signup process doesn't work (tried by email and Google Account integration).
Oct 6, 2023
A few days ago, I experimented with this tool to condense a 90-minute Zoom work meeting recording into a set of bullet points, and I must say, it's quite an impressive tool! Being a software developer, I heavily rely on documentation in written format as well as YouTube tutorials. Instead of having to read through entire paragraphs or watch entire video sections, I've been pasting links into Knowbase and extracting all the info I need by asking questions directly. I've honestly gotta say, I'm lucky I found this tool via Reddit because it's exactly what stuff like ChatGPT has been missing - the ability to use outside sources of information, instead of basing the conversations solely on the pre-trained data the model was given. Highly recommended!
Oct 4, 2023
cool stuff, been using for a while now

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Pros and Cons


Supports various file types
Utilizes Dropbox for storage
ChatGPT for conversational interaction
Library feature for organization
Ability to share chats
Transcription of audio/video
Multi-language transcription support
Offers free plan
Paid plans for more storage
Supports volume file uploads
Chat-like interaction with data
Effective team collaboration
Supports YouTube video links
900 minutes transcription for Standard
Conversational knowledge retrieval
Multi-language chat interaction
Effective Information organization
Accessible on different devices
Transcribes large video/audio files
Promotes knowledge sharing


Limited free plan
Limited transcription duration
Lacks advanced search features
No offline access
Dependency on Dropbox technology
Limited file format support
Transcription speed varies
No in-built editing tools
Limited storage in paid plans
No automatic file categorization


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