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Build, share and manage enterprise knowledge bases, product docs, and more!
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Docsie is a digital documentation and knowledge management platform. As an AI-based knowledge base partner, it enables the building, sharing, and managing of enterprise knowledge bases, product documents, help centers, chat-bots, user manuals, standard operating procedures and more.

One of the key features includes the ability to create and publish internal and external knowledge bases. It is also designed to facilitate documentation lifecycle management, provide in-app help interfaces, support tickets, multiple versions and languages, as well as AI generative content.

Additionally, Docsie makes it possible to transform documentation into interactive chatbots, with capabilities for markdown and WYSIWYG editing, feedback collection, and web analytics.

It is equally designed to streamline processes for technical writers, product managers, and developers, through reduction of complexity and time spent, while simultaneously enhancing quality.

The platform comes equipped with features such as version control, auditing, analytics, SEO, and access restrictions. Docsie's ease of use makes it suitable for most knowledge base websites.


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Docsie was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 4th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Knowledge base building
Supports product documentation
Enables creation of chat-bots
Can manage user manuals
Standard-operating-procedures management
Facilitates documentation lifecycle management
Provides in-app help interfaces
Supports support tickets
Supports multiple versions
Supports multiple languages
Turns documentation into interactive chatbots
Allows markdown and WYSIWYG editing
Facilitates feedback collection
Equipped with web analytics
Streamlines processes for technical writers
Time-saving for product managers
Simplifies processes for developers
Enhances content quality
Features version control systems
Supports audits
Has analytical capabilities
Supports search engine optimization
Has access restrictions
Ease of use
Supports internal and external knowledge bases
Supports JWT token use
Password-protected pages
SOPs and project-specific documentation creation
Custom domain hosting
Pages and folder structure customization
Fast application speed
New feature addition pace
Efficient support service
Enables safe information sharing
Streamlines access to engineering documentation
Improves team collaboration
Allows consolidation of essential information
Links and categorizes documents
Document signing-off


No document sign off feature
Limited page and folder customization
Requires dev work for some features
Learning curve for some features
Feature set could limit flexibility
Customization could be complicated
Complexity in version control
Limited in-app help interface
Multiple versions might be confusing
May require SEO knowledge


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