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AI notes and knowledge library for better learning.
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NoteGPT is an AI tool designed to improve learning efficiency by using advanced AI technology to create notes and summarize text and videos. It is equipped with multiple features such as a Smart Tab that helps collect and summarize links, YouTube Summary, Article Summary, and AI text summarizer which can effortlessly summarize lengthy videos, articles, and texts.

It also integrates with platforms like Quizlet and Cram for instant access to flashcards and has a timestamp feature for tracking videos. NoteGPT offers a powerful AI Assistant to enhance comprehension of video content through providing detailed explanations for each segment.

For video contents, it offers an automated snapping feature for capturing key information while watching. For organizational convenience, NoteGPT includes a feature to manage notes with folders and an AI flashcards library.

Collaboration is made easy through generating shareable links with embedded screenshots, notes, summaries, and timestamped transcripts. Its extension is available in the chrome web store, making it accessible for users.

NoteGPT is a comprehensive tool for convenient, efficient, and smart learning.


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Pros and Cons


Improves learning efficiency
Smart Tab feature
YouTube Summary
Article Summary
Integration with Quizlet, Cram
Instant flashcards access
Video timestamp tracking
Automated snapping feature
Notes management with folders
Collaborative shareable links
Chrome extension availability
Knowledge library for learning
Detailed explanations for video content
Screenshots,notes,summaries in links
Text Summarization
Video Summarization
Study Aid
Efficient Learning
Content Management
Youtube Video Summarizer
Web/Article Summarizer
Podcast Summarizer
PDF Summarizer
Flashcards Generating and Saving
1-click Quizlet, Cram extraction
Notes Managing with Folders
Notes Sharing with Friends
NoteGPT chrome extensions
Real-Time Automatic Transcription
1 - Click Snapshoting
Prompt Customization
Good for Multilingual Learners


Only available as Chrome extension
Difficulty in handling complex content
Slow service on free plan
No transcript feature for non-video content
Dependent on other platforms (Quizlet, Cram)
No offline function available
No multi-lingual support
Needs Google account for login
No inbuilt privacy for shared notes


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