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Interactive chat to deepen history understanding.
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Inquistory is an AI-powered educational tool designed for K-12 students to learn about historical figures and events. It offers an interactive learning experience by allowing students to chat with relevant historical figures based on their conversations.

With over 20,000 historical figures available, students can engage in insightful conversations and gain a deeper understanding of history.The tool is designed to keep students engaged, even when they attempt to disengage.

It utilizes GPT-powered technology and additional sources to enhance accuracy and provide comprehensive information. Moreover, it automatically detects and prevents off-topic questions, ensuring that the discussions stay focused and relevant to the subject matter.Inquistory focuses on the transformation of the American economy and the changing social and political conditions in response to the Industrial Revolution.

It aids students in identifying reasons behind the development of federal policies towards Native Americans, as well as the wars and their connection to agricultural development and industrialization.Overall, Inquistory aims to ignite curiosity through inquiry-based learning, providing a unique approach by presenting historical content in the form of an AI textbook.

With its user-friendly interface and vast selection of historical figures, Inquistory offers an engaging and informative resource for students to explore and understand history.


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Pros and Cons


Interactive learning experience
Chat with historical figures
Over 20,000 historical figures
Engagement focus
GPT-powered technology
Source enhanced accuracy
Off-topic question detection
Curiosity and inquiry-based learning
User-friendly interface
Focus on American history
Discussion on economy and society
Insight into federal policies
Connection between wars and agriculture
Learning through topics and questions
Suitable for K-12 students


Limited to American History
Autodetects and prevents off-topic questions
Requires JavaScript
No mobile app
Limited historical figures
Not for higher education
No multi-language support
No API for integration
Limited to K-12 students
No offline mode


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How does Inquistory keep students engaged?
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How does Inquistory detect and prevent off-topic questions?
What is the emphasis of Inquistory's subject matter?
How does Inquistory help students understand the transformation of the American economy?
What is the approach Inquistory takes towards the development of federal policies towards Native Americans?
Can Inquistory assist in understanding the connection between wars and agricultural development?
How does Inquistory promote inquiry-based learning?
What sets Inquistory apart from traditional textbooks?
How user-friendly is Inquistory's interface?
What age group is Inquistory designed for?
What extra sources does Inquistory use to enhance accuracy?
How can I access Inquistory?
Are there any prerequisites for using Inquistory?
How does Inquistory handle undesired inquiries?
What subjects does Inquistory cover besides the American economy and the Industrial Revolution?

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