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ByArya Malek
Have a guided, supported, and interactive language conversation.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Ready to learn a new language today?
Sample prompts:
I want to learn Turkish
Ich möchte Deutsch üben
من می خواهم انگلیسی یاد بگیرم
Θέλω να μάθω ισπανικά
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Language Learning Tui is a GPT that aims to facilitate language learning through guided, supported, and interactive conversations. Suitable for all language learning proficiency levels, it provides users a platform to practice and enhance their language skills in a conversational context.

Based on ChatGPT, the Language Learning Tui operates by initiating conversation prompts tailored to the user's language learning needs. The GPT is versatile and can accommodate the learning of various languages.

Potential users of this tool can initiate conversations with specific language phrases, such as 'I want to learn Turkish,' or, 'Ich mchte Deutsch ben.' The tool's goal of interaction is designed not only to hone the user's language skills but also to make the process of language education more engaging and user-friendly.

Users will require a ChatGPT Plus subscription to take advantage of this interactive and engaging learning tool. By providing an adaptable and easy-to-use platform, the Language Learning Tui aims to revolutionize language learning through artificial intelligence.


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