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ByTianli Yu
Master foreign terms in your native language.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Please tell me your native language. مرحباً! ما هي لغتك الأم؟
Sample prompts:
My native language is English
Mi idioma nativo es el español
لغتي الأم هي العربية
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Bilingual Dictionary is a GPT that serves as an enabler in understanding, translating and mastering foreign words, slang and technical terms in the user's native language.

The tool is designed to bridge language barriers by providing quick and accurate translations, aiding individuals in comprehending foreign vocabulary and terminology.

Upon interacting with this GPT, users are initially requested to specify their native language. This enables the tool to customise its support, enhancing the user's process in learning or interacting with a new language.

Additionally, the tool's abilities extend to accommodate various languages exemplified by prompt starters that include English, Spanish, Arabic, and Chinese.

The Bilingual Dictionary GPT requires ChatGPT Plus, indicating its capabilities of extensive language support and elevated translation accuracy are built on the advanced functionality of the ChatGPT platform.

This tool can be beneficial for language learners, translators, or anyone needing assistance with understanding foreign vocabulary or technical terms.


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