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Master English grammar tailored to your level.
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Help me understand this grammar concept.
Can you create a quiz on past tense verbs?
Explain why this sentence is grammatically incorrect.
Provide examples of correct usage of adjectives.
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CEFR Grammar Guide is a GPT designed to assist users in enhancing their understanding of the English grammar rules and concepts. It is designed to adjust its assistance based on the competency level of the user.

The GPT provides an immersive and personalized language learning experience by tailoring the complexity and depth of its answers to match the user's level of English proficiency.

This is achieved by posing questions and providing answers based on the grammar rules and concepts that the user is currently focusing on. The GPT utilizes a range of interactive methods to improve the user's grammar, such as explaining intricate grammar concepts, evaluating grammatical correctness of sentences, providing correct usage instances for different components of grammar such as adjectives, and creating quizzes for topics such as past tense verbs.

These techniques collectively support the user in refining their knowledge and application of English grammar. A notable feature of this GPT is that it requires the integration of ChatGPT Plus, indicating that it leverages advanced AI capabilities to offer comprehensive and effective grammar tutoring services.

The CEFR Grammar Guide is designed for those who aim to improve their English grammar skills ranging from beginners to more advanced learners, offering an easy-to-use interface and interactive learning experience.


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