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Assists with English texts and creates ANKI CSV files.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Need help with English texts or ANKI CSV creation? Just ask!
Sample prompts:
What does this phrase mean?
Can you explain this grammar?
How is this word used in a sentence?
Could you provide synonyms for this word?
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Linguist Helper is a GPT designed to facilitate understanding and use of the English language and to streamline the process of creating ANKI CSV files.

It provides a wide range of language-related services which include, but are not limited to, explaining the meanings of phrases, elucidating grammatical structures, and illustrating how specific words are used in sentences.

Moreover, this tool also assists users in finding synonyms for any given word, thereby enhancing one's vocabulary. One of the unique features of Linguist Helper is its capability to create ANKI CSV files, a popular flashcard format which aids in efficient learning and memory retention.

To access the services, users are required to sign up and it requires ChatGPT Plus for a seamless application use. Linguist Helper provides an interactive platform where users can ask for assistance with English texts or ANKI CSV creation, introducing an innovative approach to language learning and usage.


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