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ByDr. Ahmad Nazzal
Your companion for Arabic language learning and cultural insights.
GPT welcome message: Ahlan! Ready to learn Arabic?
Sample prompts:
How do I say 'thank you' in Arabic?
Can you explain the difference between these Arabic verbs?
What are some common Arabic phrases for beginners?
How do I pronounce this Arabic sentence correctly?
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Arabic Mentor is a GPT designed to assist in the learning path for those interested in Arabic language, with additional feature of cultural insights. Driven by ChatGPT, this tool aims to make language education more interactive and personalized.

With Arabic Mentor, users can engage in real-time learning scenarios, receiving immediate feedback and clarifications on their specific questions or doubts.

The tool is enriched with a feature offering cultural insights that provides the users with a deeper understanding of the language in its cultural context.

It engages in prompt responses to questions such as the correct way to pronounce an Arabic sentence or the difference between specific Arabic verbs. Also, it is equipped to guide beginners through common Arabic phrases.

The plus point in Arabic Mentor is its competency to combine language learning with cultural contexts, rendering a more comprehensive approach for users.

It requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription, implying that while it capitalizes on the advanced functionality of the ChatGPT, there might be an associated cost.

Overall, Arabic Mentor serves as an all-rounded tool for Arabic language learners looking for a multidimensional grasp over the language.


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