Learning islam 2023-05-27
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Islam chatbot for Quran/Hadith learning.
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Salam Chat is an AI powered chatbot designed to help individuals learn more about Islam. The chatbot has been trained by scholars and provides inline citations to the Quran and Hadith, with the content gated by the Shahada.

Salam Chat has a halal filter that only answers questions within the scope of Islam, making it safe for kids. The chatbot is presently free to use, and the developers generate no revenue from it.

Salam Chat is a volunteer-driven and open-source project that relies on engineers, designers, and Islamic scholars to curate the model and continuously improve its functionality.Users of Salam Chat can be confident in the accuracy of the information suggested by the chatbot, as all Islamic text is supported by citations that users can refer to and further explore on their own.

The tool is also designed with a curation system to weed out false or misleading information, with input from scholars invited to assist in its further development.The team behind Salam Chat has ambitious plans for its future, with a range of features planned for inclusion on its roadmap.

Salam Chat is a project of Minority Think Tank Foundation 501(c)3, and users may donate, should they choose to do so.

Salam Chat was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 27th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Trained by scholars
Inline citations
Content gated by Shahada
Halal filter
Safe for kids
Free to use
Open-source project
False information filtering
Curated by Islamic scholars
Can donate to support
Inclusion of more features planned
Promotes accurate knowledge
Made by Muslim developers
Invites scholar input
Project of a non-profit
Ideal for Islamic learning
Roadmap available
Community-based development
Transparency on revenue model


Limited scope of questions
Relies on volunteer work
No revenue generation plan
Possibility of false information
Doesn't answer non-Islam questions
Dependent on scholar validation
Unspecified feature roadmap
Potential waitlist
Lack of monetisation


What is Salam Chat?
How does Salam Chat help in learning Islam?
What sources does Salam Chat use for its responses?
What is the Halal filter in Salam Chat?
Is Salam Chat safe for children to use?
How are the developers generating revenue from Salam Chat?
Can I donate to the development of Salam Chat?
Can anyone contribute to the development of Salam Chat?
Who curates the information on Salam Chat?
What are the future plans for Salam Chat development?
Who owns Salam Chat?
What is Shahada gating in Salam Chat?
How do I know that the information from Salam Chat is accurate?
Can I use Salam Chat for free?
Does Salam Chat have any measures to prevent misinformation?
What is the role of Islamic scholars in the development of Salam Chat?
How can I launch Salam Chat?
Does Salam Chat only answer questions within the Islam scope?
Who are the early adopters of Salam Chat?
What are the inline citations provided by Salam Chat?


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