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Quranic feedback with voice search and learning.
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Tarteel is an AI-powered Quran companion that aims to help users improve their Quranic recitation and memorization skills. The app provides real-time feedback on Quran recitation, detecting mistakes or missed words, and notifies users accordingly.

Tarteel also enforces correct sentence structure and presents similar verses when errors occur to help users improve their understanding of Quranic verses.

The app features a voice search function that allows users to recite verses in Arabic, which Tarteel will then locate. Tarteel also highlights the words a user is reciting, tracks their progress, and tests their Quranic memorization abilities.

The app offers over 112 Quran translations that users can choose from, and it allows for challenge customization to help users set and achieve their goals.

Tarteel is rated highly on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, and it is used in over 150 countries by over four million Muslims. Additionally, Tarteel supports Muslim students pursuing Quranic studies through sponsorships.

The app has received praise for its intuitive features, and it has been described as a breakthrough in Quranic study and as a comprehensive tool to improve Quranic learning.


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Tarteel was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 8th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Real-time feedback on recitation
Detects mistakes in recitation
Enforces correct sentence structure
Identifies missed words
Presents similar verses on error
Voice search function
Tracks user's progress
Tests memorization abilities
Offers over 112 translations
Challenge customization
Rated highly on Google Play Store
Rated highly on Apple App Store
Used in over 150 countries
Supports Muslim students
Intuitive features
Trusted by over four million Muslims
Sends mistake alerts through vibrations
Allows for effective goal setting
Building user engagement through streaks
Facilitates users in setting challenges
Highlighted words feature for better recital understanding
Memorization mode for testing user's memorization
Discover feature for exploration
Sponsoring Quranic studies


No offline mode
Only supports Arabic recitation
No multilingual interface
Limited error feedback details
Lacks pronunciation tips
No free tier
Lacks advanced customization
Requires strong internet connection
No desktop version
No pause/resume feature


What is Tarteel?
How does Tarteel work?
How can Tarteel help me improve my Quranic recitation?
What does the real-time feedback feature of Tarteel do?
How does Tarteel's voice search function work?
Can Tarteel track my Quranic memorization progress?
How many Quran translations does Tarteel offer?
How can I customize challenges on Tarteel?
Is Tarteel available in my country?
What platforms support Tarteel?
What do the user reviews say about Tarteel?
How does Tarteel support Quranic studies?
What makes Tarteel different from other Quran memorization apps?
Can Tarteel detect my mistakes while reciting the Quran?
Does Tarteel have features to test my memorization?
Does Tarteel have a feature to locate the verses I recite?
How does Tarteel use AI to assist in Quranic learning?
What are the goals I can set with Tarteel?
What are the highlighted features of Tarteel?
Who uses Tarteel?

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