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Improve studying and testing with intelligent platform.
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Study Smarter Now is an AI-powered platform designed to enhance study sessions and improve test-taking strategies. With this tool, students can upload their homework, textbook, or lecture notes and harness the power of AI to optimize their learning experience.

The platform offers features such as an AI tutor to provide contextual understanding of notes, homework, or textbooks, as well as the generation of study guides based on homework.

Study Smarter Now aims to streamline the study process by generating comprehensive AI-generated study notes that cover essential information, eliminating the need for manual note-taking.

By focusing on understanding key concepts and problem-solving, students can achieve academic success more efficiently. In addition, the tool offers effective test-taking strategies to boost confidence during exams.

Study Smarter Now provides tips and resources to help manage time, handle difficult questions, and prepare for various test formats. The platform is user-friendly, allowing for easy homework and test upload through a simple drag-and-drop or file selection.

It generates tailored AI-generated study strategies based on individual needs, ensuring that students concentrate on the most important concepts and techniques.Study Smarter Now is a valuable resource for students who want to optimize their study sessions, improve their test-taking skills, and achieve academic success.

It is powered by AI technology and aims to make the study process more efficient and effective.

Study Smarter Now was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 17th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates comprehensive study notes
Efficient note-taking process
Enhances problem-solving skills
Offers effective test-taking strategies
User-friendly interface
Easy homework and test upload
Tailored studying strategies
Provides time management tips
Prepares for various test formats
No PDF page limit
No daily upload limit
No daily questions limit
Unlimited chats
Unlimited study notes
Enhances learning experience
Optimizes study process
Helps understand key concepts
Boosts exam confidence
Covers essential information
Streamlines study process
No manual note-taking required
Helps handle difficult questions
Improves test-taking skills
Study guide generation
Improves academic success
Easy file selection
Individualized learning strategy
Drag-and-drop functionality
In-app tips and resources
Simple to start note generation
Detailed study notes
Works on homework and tests
Premium upgrade options
Affordable subscription fee


Requires JavaScript enabled
Limited file format support
Possible misinterpretation of context
Limited to individual study
Textbook copyrights may apply
Costly for Premium features
Unclear data privacy policies
Dependence on user's accurate uploads
Lack of collaborative feature
Limited resources for error handling


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Can Study Smarter Now aid in understanding key concepts and problem-solving?
What resources are available for managing time during exams on Study Smarter Now?
How user-friendly is the Study Smarter Now platform?
What are the AI-generated study strategies offered by Study Smarter Now?
How can Study Smarter Now help with handling difficult test questions?
What are the benefits of the premium subscription of Study Smarter Now?
What is the process for starting the AI-driven note generation on Study Smarter Now?
Can Study Smarter Now generate study notes from my homework?
How can Study Smarter Now help me prepare for various test formats?
Who is Mateusz Romaniuk, the author of Study Smarter Now?
What other AI tools has Mateusz Romaniuk created?
What does the free version of Study Smarter Now offer?
How can I get in touch with the Study Smarter Now team for queries or support?
What are the privacy policies and terms of service for Study Smarter Now?

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