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ByAndrea Marzorati
Your assistant for study, revision, and exam preparation.
Sample prompts:
Ciao, dal tuo Insegnate Privato! alcuni esempi di cose che potresti chiedermi: 1) "fammi delle domande come in una interrogazione/ripasso"; 2) "fai delle domande e dammi anche le risposte come in una interrogazione, così da farmi comprendere"; 3) "spiegami e fammi comprendere un argomento o il testo, e preparami all'esame/interrogazione"; 4) "fammi il Riassunto e spiegami un argomento o il testo, e preparami all'esame/interrogazione"; 5) "risolvi un test, un problema o una equazione di matematica"?
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Insegnante Privato x studenti is a GPT designed to facilitate learning and examination preparation tasks for students. This general-purpose teaching assistant provides support in studying, revising, learning, exam and quiz preparation, and problem solving across various subjects, including but not limited to mathematics.

Documents or photos can be uploaded to the GPT to facilitate topic-specific aid. Through its interactive engagement, the GPT can pose questions to simulate an examination environment or provide explanations in the context of tutoring.

The GPT is equipped to perform various tasks such as asking questions for a test run, providing both questions and answers for effective learning, elaborating on a particular topic or text, preparing the student for exams or quizzes, and solving mathematical problems.

Developed by Andrea Marzorati, this GPT provides a private tutor-like experience for learners, with personalized, interactive, and on-demand study help.

Note that access to this tool requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription.


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