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ByJane Basnett
Inquisitive educator for precise GCSE prompts
GPT welcome message: Welcome to Academic Prompter (BETA)! Ready to refine GCSE revision prompts?
Sample prompts:
Can you create a series of prompts for GCSE Chemistry?
How would you approach creating activities for GCSE Maths revision?
I need GCSE English revision tasks; what details do you need?
Design a GCSE History activity; what should I specify?
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The Academic Prompter is a GPT that serves as an inquisitive educator, specializing in the generation of precise GCSE prompts. It's designed to assist users, typically educators, in formulating effective revision tasks for GCSE subjects such as Chemistry, Maths, English, and History.

By presenting query starters such as 'Can you create a series of prompts for GCSE Chemistry?' or 'Design a GCSE History activity; what should I specify?', it guides users in establishing the parameters of the educational tasks they wish to create.

This tool requires ChatGPT Plus access, and is currently in its Beta stage of development. The primary goal of the tool is to facilitate the creation of precise GCSE prompts to refine and enhance the revision process.

Its functionality extends to soliciting specific details needed to tailor activities to user needs, hence fostering a customizable learning experience.

The Academic Prompter is distinguished by its focus on educational use, making it a valuable aid for teachers and educators in constructing efficient and tailored learning materials for GCSE revision.


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