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Your go-to for course prep, note-taking and quizzes.
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Study Buddy is a GPT designed to assist with coursework preparation, note-taking from lectures or slides, and the creation of quizzes for efficient study sessions.

It provides a conversational interface intended to make study preparation engaging and more productive. The functionality of Study Buddy extends from aiding in comprehending course materials, to generating quizzes from lecture notes for practice, to suggesting valuable additions to your study notes.

It can also help students focus on key elements in chapters, making study time more effective. It is particularly beneficial for self-guided study sessions by simplifying the process of assimilating information from various study materials.

It interacts with users by asking them what's on their study agenda for the day, and then adapts to help with that specific task whether it's taking notes, creating a quiz, suggesting additions to notes, or guiding on what to focus in chapters.

The prerequisite for utilizing Study Buddy is a ChatGPT Plus subscription, which enables the application of Study Buddy's capabilities.


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