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Learn languages by conversing and receiving corrections.
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L1 English / L2 Spanish
L1 Spanish / L2English
L1 English / L2 French
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Language Conversation Practice is a GPT designed to facilitate language learning via interactive conversation. This AI tool assists users in learning new languages by enabling them to have conversations with AI language coaches.

The tool is designed for users to initiate conversation by indicating their native language (L1) and the language they aspire to learn (L2). On providing this information, the platform gears up for a personalized language learning experience.

The user engages in conversation with the AI in their chosen language and they receive corrections whenever necessary in their native language. This feature ensures that users understand mistakes and corrections in a language that they are already familiar with, thereby reinforcing their learning.

Beyond these primary features, the AI tool also hosts a variety of prompt starters, such as 'L1 English / L2 Spanish', 'L1 Spanish / L2 English', and 'L1 English / L2 French', to provide users a kickstart to their language learning interactions.

The tools intent is to make language learning as fluid and interactive as possible, providing the user with an immersive language practice experience.

The application of this tool is useful for those aiming for proficiency in a new language, language enthusiasts, or for those who wish to practice and improve their linguistic skills.


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