Enhancing your Spanish speaking skills for Dele B2 exam
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Oral is a GPT specifically designed to assist users in improving their Spanish-speaking skills and pass the Dele B2 oral exam, an internationally recognized Spanish language certification test.

The tool has a unique role in the goal of language acquisition, particularly facilitating the mastery of the Spanish language's spoken component. At its core, Oral operates on the basis of interaction, simulating real-life conversations to help users practice their Spanish speaking skills.

Furthermore, the language-learning GPT is remarkably versatile and broad in scope, providing a range of real-life context conversation scenarios. This includes presenting and dialoguing, preparing monologues, performing tasks with supportive materials, and even having a conversation with the examiner.

Its interface anticipates that users will sign up and chat, an interaction mode driven by the underlying technology of ChatGPT. Moreover, the tool provides a welcoming environment for newcomers, greeting users in Spanish and offering to assist in any way possible to improve their Spanish.

As such, Oral exemplifies the power of AI in potentially revolutionizing the process of language learning, specifically targeting spoken proficiency.


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