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Word Searcher is a GPT built on top of ChatGPT, developed by Sourceduty. The function of this tool is to create an interactive and engaging gaming experience through word searches for users.

Sign up is required, which can be done through the ChatGPT Plus page. The GPT prompts the user with a welcome message, setting a playful tone for solving word searches together.

It offers a feature to start a game or to generate a word search template, which can serve to ramp up a player's challenge or to use in teaching and learning contexts.

While the main feature focuses on enhancing the user's language skills, problem-solving abilities and focus through word search games, it does so in an enjoyable and relaxed manner.

This tool also provides a platform for social interaction since it operates on top of ChatGPT. It should be noted that ChatGPT Plus is required to use this GPT, and copyright belongs to Sourceduty, evidencing responsible creation and management of the tool.


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