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Master languages through interactive AI conversations.
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Fluency is an interactive language mastery tool powered by Artificial Intelligence. The tool is designed to support a wide range of world languages, each offering interactive and responsive lessons aimed at developing actual communication skills.

Meeting the needs of both beginners and seasoned language learners, the usage of the tool spans across three main modules: speaking, reading, and writing.

Essentially, learners start by selecting their desired language. A unique feature is that Fluency includes support for major Asian and Indian languages, which diversifies the potential user population.

In the next stage, users can begin interacting with the tool, engaging in conversations to perfect their language proficiency, while also having an option for written abilities analysis.One of Fluency's core attributes is its emphasis on practical interaction, an approach underpinned by research indicating that real conversations can significantly enhance language learning.

Hence, Fluency provides an environment where learners can gain real-world dialoguing experience. Furthermore, it promotes continuous and iterative learning, encapsulated in its 'Speak.

Read. Write. Repeat' teaching philosophy. To ensure user-friendliness, Fluency is designed as a tool with an easy-to-understand interface and engaging features to retain learner interest.

Additionally, the program goes beyond just language tuition; it focuses on building a comprehensive linguistic skill set that includes both spoken and written abilities.

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Feb 14, 2024
I didnt sign because I have ti pay for something that I dont know if I´ll like it. A free class to try would be good for everybody;

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Pros and Cons


Supports 20+ languages
Emphasizes practical interaction
Covers speaking, reading, writing
Supports major Asian languages
Supports major Indian languages
Facilitates real-world dialoguing experience
Promotes continuous, iterative learning
User-friendly interface
Engaging features to retain interest
Focuses on comprehensive linguistic skills
Designed for beginner to advanced learners
Written abilities analysis
Interactive, responsive lessons
Flexible learning pace
Easy language selection
Research-driven teaching approach
Boosts communication skills mastery
Unique teaching philosophy
Helps perfect language proficiency
Immediate spoken language practice


No off-line mode
No audio lessons
Lacks cultural context lessons
No gamified learning
No voice recognition adjustment
Unclear pricing
No mobile app mentioned
No adaptive learning path


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How does Fluency assess written language abilities?
How effective is Fluency for beginners?
Is Fluency suitable for advanced language learners?
What is Fluency's 'Speak. Read. Write. Repeat' philosophy?
How user-friendly is Fluency's interface?
Can Fluency assist in gaining real-world dialoguing experience?
Does Fluency offer any unique features compared to other language tools?
How does Fluency promote continuous and iterative learning?
Does Fluency focus on both spoken and written language skills?
How quickly can I become proficient in a new language using Fluency?
Does Fluency have a mobile application?
Is there a free trial period for Fluency?
What are the pricing options for Fluency?
How to sign up for Fluency?
Can Fluency help me learn Mandarin, Japanese, Arabic, or other specific languages?


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