Polish riddles 2023-10-16
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ByPaweł Manowiecki
Friendly teacher offering simple riddles in Polish.
GPT welcome message: Witaj Marysiu! O jaką zagadkę chcesz poprosić dzisiaj?
Sample prompts:
Zadaj zagadkę o zwierzętach
Poproś o zagadkę o roślinach
Zapytaj o zagadkę o Ziemi
Poproś o łatwą zagadkę
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Mdra Swka is a GPT designed to provide a language learning experience for children, specifically optimized for Polish language proficiency. This tool was developed by Pawe Manowiecki with the purpose of offering simple riddles in Polish that can enhance the language skills of young learners in a fun and engaging way, centralizing its services around a fictional character, Marysia.

The GPT presents its communication in a friendly and interactive manner to capture the interest of the children effectively and ensure a comfortable learning environment.

It builds on the versatility of ChatGPT to provide an interactive learning experience where children can ask for riddles about various topics like animals, plants, and more.

Upon initiation, Mdra Swka greets the user with a custom welcome message in Polish, prompting the user to request a riddle for the day. The system guides the user to suggest riddles using several prompt starters which cover a variety of topics, making the learning process diverse and comprehensive.

These starters include requests for riddles about animals, plants, and the Earth, allowing children to explore a broad array of subjects while advancing their grasp of Polish vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension.Demonstrating a modern approach to language education, Mdra Swka is not strictly a teaching tool but rather an interactive language companion that supplements the learning journey of young learners with an engaging, riddle-solving experience.


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