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ByTuğba Uysal
Voice-only tool that accelerates English learning.
GPT welcome message: Welcome to Speak GPT! Ready to start your voice-only English journey?
Sample prompts:
Let's have a voice session!
I want to check my speaking progress.
Show me how my speaking has improved.
How many speaking badges have I earned?
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Speak GPT is a GPT designed as a voice-only English tool. As part of its unique features, it encourages users to improve their spoken English skills by providing detailed and constructive progress reports.

Its main aim is to enhance the speaking proficiency of its users over time by acting as an interactive language aid. Additionally, this tool appears to integrate with ChatGPT Plus and requires you to sign up for it.

A key aspect of Speak GPT is that its features extend to the mobile platform, making it accessible and convenient for users on the go. The tool encompasses a series of communicative features, amongst which are the prompt starters.

Users can initiate a voice session with commands like 'Let's have a voice session!' or seek an update on their performance by stating 'I want to check my speaking progress.' Furthermore, this GPT also keeps track of accomplishments in the form of 'speaking badges', which can be inquired about through voiced commands.

It welcomes its users with the message 'Welcome to Speak GPT! Ready to start your voice-only English journey?', marking the beginning of a user-friendly experience designed to boost their English language speaking abilities.


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