LLM training 2023-07-22
Build AI models for specialized tasks rapidly and deploy anywhere.
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Haven is a robust platform designed to assist users in building, training, evaluating, and deploying Language Learning Models (LLMs). Its open-source nature and self-hostable platform make it widely accessible, adhering to the belief that AI technology should be available to all.

Using Haven, users can build AI models that are tailored to handle specialized tasks, ensuring a high level of customization and relevance to various projects.

It employs an Apache-2.0 licensed open-source platform, which provides a flexible and adaptable framework for constructing AI models. While the platform allows users to own their LLMs, it maintains a support system for assistance, providing comprehensive documentation and community engagement channels for facilitated seamless use.

The platform also offers the option to self-host code. Haven, backed by Y Combinator, seeks to promote the democratization of AI technology through its interactive and accessible platform.


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Haven was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 1st 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Specializes in LLMs
High level of customization
Self-hostable platform
Comprehensive documentation
Community engagement channels
Apache-2.0 licensed platform
Supports rapid model building
Supports model deployment
Supported by Y Combinator
Option for self-hosting code
User ownship of LLMs
Relevance to various projects
Adaptable framework
Easily accessible platform
Interactive use experience
Free to get started


Requires self-hosting
Specialized for LLMs
Needs significant customization
Lacks pre-built models
Needs active community involvement
No obvious pricing structure
Requires high technical expertise
Open-source possible security issues
Reliance on external support
Limited to language learning models


What is Haven?
What are the features of Haven?
How does Haven assist in building AI models?
What are Language Learning Models in Haven?
Is Haven an open-source platform?
How can I self-host Haven?
What tasks can AI models built with Haven handle?
What level of customization does Haven offer?
What is Haven's relationship with Apache-2.0 licensed open-source platforms?
Can I own the LLMs that I build with Haven?
What support does Haven provide for its users?
Does Haven offer any community engagement channels?
Can I self-host code on Haven?
What is Y Combinator's involvement with Haven?
How does Haven promote the democratization of AI technology?
How can I get started with Haven?
Does Haven offer a free tier?
Where can I find documentation on how to use Haven?
How can I evaluate the AI models I build with Haven?
Can I deploy my AI models from Haven anywhere?

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