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Llama 2 is an open-source large language model developed by Meta. It is available for free for both research and commercial use. This next-generation model includes pretrained and fine-tuned language models that range from 7B to 70B parameters.

The pretrained models were trained on 2 trillion tokens and offer double the context length compared to Llama 1. The fine-tuned models have been trained on over 1 million human annotations.Llama 2 outperforms other open-source language models in various external benchmarks, including reasoning, coding, proficiency, and knowledge tests.The model leverages publicly available online data sources for pretraining and publicly available instruction datasets, along with over 1 million human annotations, for fine-tuning.Meta has established partnerships with cloud providers, companies, and researchers who support their open approach.

They aim to create a responsible and collaborative AI innovation ecosystem. They provide resources such as a Responsible Use Guide for developers, safety red-teaming to enhance performance and safety, an Open Innovation AI Research Community for academic researchers, and the Llama Impact Challenge to encourage using Llama 2 to address environmental and educational challenges.Meta also maintains a Generative AI Community Forum, in consultation with Stanford Deliberative Democracy Lab and the Behavioral Insights Team, to involve the community in decision-making around generative AI technologies.To access Llama 2, users can complete a download form, agreeing to Meta's privacy policy.

Additional resources, including a technical overview, research paper, and blog post, provide more information on Llama 2 and its responsible use.


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Llama2 by Meta was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 18th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Free for research use
Free for commercial use
Pretrained and fine-tuned models
Models range from 7B-70B parameters
Trained on 2 trillion tokens
Double the context of Llama 1
Trained on 1+ million annotations
Outperforms other open-source models
Strong on reasoning tasks
Strong on coding tasks
Strong on proficiency tests
Strong on knowledge tests
Uses publicly available data sources
Fine-tuning with public instruction datasets
Continuous innovation through partnerships
Supportive collaborations with researchers
Provides Responsible Use Guide
Safety red-teaming for optimal performance
Llama Impact Challenge for environmental problems
Supported by Stanford Deliberative Democracy Lab
Supported by the Behavioral Insights Team
Accessible through a download form
Technical overview available
Research paper available for more information
Detailed information through a blog post
Variety of model weights
Provided starting code
Continuous performance testing
Open transparency encouraged
Address educational challenges with Llama Impact Challenge
Active involvement of the user community
Supported by global partners
Availability in cloud providers' offerings
Fosters responsible product development
Program for academic researcher engagement
Ongoing acceptance for the Open Innovation Community
Public, non-profit, and for-profit entities challenge
Detailed technical information provided
Support available for product developers
Promotes transparency and collaboration in research
Open-source model


Requires access form completion
Privacy policy agreement necessary
No proper deployment guide
Limited commercial usage instruction
Possible gaps in responses
No offline availability
Requires sizeable computation resources
Limited fine-tuning documentation


What is Llama 2?
How does Llama 2 differ from its predecessor Llama 1?
What are the main features of Llama 2?
What are the uses for Llama 2?
Why is Llama 2 considered an open-source large language model?
Is Llama 2 free for commercial use?
How can Llama 2 be accessed?
On what kind of data were the pretrained models of Llama 2 trained?
What are the external benchmarks that Llama 2 outperforms other language models on?
What are the ramifications of Meta's partnerships for Llama 2?
How does Meta ensure the responsible use of Llama 2?
What is the 'Llama Impact Challenge'?
What resources does Meta provide for developers using Llama 2?
What is the Generative AI Community Forum?
What are the terms of Meta's privacy policy for Llama 2?
What does the technical overview of Llama 2 cover?
Where can I find the research paper on Llama 2?
What are the 'inside the model' details of Llama 2?
What is the process to download Llama 2?
What are the specifics of the Responsible Use Guide for Llama 2?


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