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Privacy-centric model hosting and deployment.
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Prem is a self-sovereign AI infrastructure tool that aims to accelerate the development and adoption of privacy-centric open-source AI models. It provides several features and benefits for developers and organizations working with AI.One of the main features of Prem is its intuitive desktop application, called Prem App.

This application allows users to easily deploy and self-host open-source AI models without exposing sensitive data to third parties. It prioritizes privacy by enabling users to maintain control over their own data.Additionally, Prem offers the option of using its cloud infrastructure, known as Prem Cloud, which combines the benefits of on-premise deployment with end-to-end encryption in a cloud environment.

Users can join the waitlist to be among the first to access this privacy-centric infrastructure.With Prem, developers can seamlessly implement machine learning models through a user-friendly interface similar to OpenAI's API.

It aims to simplify the complexities of inference optimizations, enabling rapid iterations, instant results, and faster development, testing, and deployment of AI models.One of the core values of Prem is privacy.

It ensures that users' keys and models are protected through end-to-end encryption, providing a secure environment for AI development and deployment.Overall, Prem is a valuable tool for developers and organizations looking to enhance their AI capabilities while maintaining privacy and control over their data.


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Prem AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 16th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Privacy-centric model hosting
Self-sovereign infrastructure
Ease of deployment
User-friendly desktop application
In-app self-hosting
No third-party data exposure
Data control
Cloud infrastructure
On-premise deployment
End-to-end encryption
Cloud environment
Ease of model implementation
User-friendly interface
Inference optimization
Rapid iterations
Instant results
Faster development
Quick testing
Quick deployment
User key protection
Model protection
Deployment environment security
Comprehensive documentation
Anonymity preservation
Bitcoin payment
Cryptocurrency payment
Permissionless infrastructure
Effortless integration
Complexity bypass
Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency payment support
Development speed
Testing speed
Deployment speed
Rich resources
End-to-end encryption cloud


Requires desktop application
Cloud infrastructure waitlist
Payments in cryptocurrency
Inference simplification can limit control
Privacy-focused may hinder collaboration
Bitcoin payment not universally accepted
Model keys based encryption


What is Prem AI?
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What are the benefits of using Prem AI for developers and organizations?
How do I get access to Prem Cloud's infrastructure?
What is the 10K Prem Challenge about?
Can Prem App be installed on any server using the installer script?
What type of payments does Prem accept?
Is there documentation available to help learning how to use Prem?
What is the interface of Prem similar to?
What advantages does Prem AI provide in the deployment and testing of AI models?
Where can I follow Prem's updates and learn about it's new features?
How is Prem AI accelerating the development of privacy-centric open-source AI models?
What efforts has Prem made towards simplifying inference optimizations?
Where can I install the Prem app?
How does Prem aim to preserve user anonymity?
How does Prem ensure a secure environment for AI development and deployment?


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