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Optimized language model for seamless deployment.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI tool that simplifies and enhances interactions with large language models (LLMs) through advanced routing and optimization tools. It allows users to easily integrate multiple best-in-class LLMs into their products using a single API.

With, users can avoid being locked into a specific LLM vendor and stay up-to-date with new LLM releases, seamlessly integrating them into their applications.The tool provides a range of features for users to upload, build, and deploy LLM-powered applications.

Users can upload existing data sources and leverage existing logs to create data sources. They can fine-tune open source LLMs on their data, optimize results, and customize prompts for their applications. offers one-click deployment and automatic routing of requests to the best LLM based on user also provides real-time monitoring of usage, cost, latency, and quality, allowing users to track and benchmark LLM results.

The tool offers cost control tools to manage budget and cost targets dynamically. It ensures enterprise-grade security and compliance by managing data privacy and security at scale.For product managers, facilitates faster release of LLM-powered features without dedicating additional resources or impacting roadmaps.

For product developers, the tool optimizes code for efficiency and works seamlessly within existing code-bases. It offers a benchmarking toolkit for quicker iterations and MVP experiments and provides log monitoring, real-time tracking, regression testing, and version control for LLM development.With, users can tailor AI experiences through customizable prompts, enabling personalized AI experiences beyond closed-source LLMs.

The tool integrates with Grafana Cloud for easy setup of LLM observability.

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User Profile PictureNicolas Kupfer
ยท Nov 21, 2023
Seemed pretty straightforward, with the whole LLM-agnostic thing. I managed to do several requests to claude 2 from anthropic, using the same format as OpenAI. Interestingly enough, the answers were (it seemed to me) as good as Gpt-4, but at 1/10th the cost ๐Ÿฅฒ I don't know why Anthropic or Cohere make it so difficult for people to connect to them, but here everything was pretty straightforward, good job!
User Profile PictureNicolas Kupfer
ยท Nov 21, 2023
Seems like a very easy way to connect to all those providers (like Anthropic) that want to make it difficult. Same format as OpenAI also, that's pretty cool! So i did some requests with claude-2, which is as good as gpt-4 it seemed to me, but if i read correctly costs like 1/10th? ๐Ÿฅฒ

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