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The Qualcomm AI Hub is a comprehensive platform offering access to fully optimized and ready-to-deploy AI models. These models are validated by Qualcomm and specifically optimized to leverage Qualcomms AI Engine which supports CPU, GPU, and NPU acceleration.

Users can explore a range of AI models for various applications such as high-resolution image in-painting, real-time object detection, image noise reduction, human body pose estimation, speech denoising and more.

The models can be utilized on-device, and are compatible with a wide range of platforms and devices, including various models of the Snapdragon mobile platform, as well as numerous Samsung and Xiaomi devices.

Deployment support extends to Android devices, utilizing TensorFlow Lite or Qualcomm AI Engine Direct. The hub also provides a wide range of models like Segment-Anything-Model, Stable-Diffusion, Whisper-Base, TrOCR, MediaPipe-Face-Detection, and more.

Each model serves a unique purpose, from generating high-quality segmentation masks or detailed images based on text prompts to offering automatic speech recognition, optical character recognition, and face detection among other functionalities.


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Qualcomm AI Hub was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 28th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Supports CPU, GPU, NPU
Wide range of applications
Compatible with many devices
Supports Snapdragon mobile platforms
Supports Samsung, Xiaomi devices
Deployment on Android devices
Utilizes TensorFlow Lite
High-quality segmentation masks
Optical character recognition
Face detection functionality
Works with text prompts
Automatic speech recognition
Image noise reduction support
Real-time object detection
High-resolution image in-painting
Human body pose estimation
Optimized for mobile, edge
Speech denoising capability
Segment-Anything-Model availability
Stable-Diffusion for image generation
Access to Whisper-Base model
Accessibility of TrOCR model
Large Language Models Access
Ready-to-deploy models
Associated community support
Demo provision
Optimized hardware acceleration
Variety of Snapdragon platforms supported
Wide range of supported devices
Segment-Anything-Model for mask generation
State-of-art Stable-Diffusion model
Multilingual Whisper-Base model
Transformer based TrOCR model
Real-Time MediaPipe Face Detection
Real-time object detection with Yolo-v7
Baichuan-7B for language tasks
State-of-art performance on language benchmarks
Hosted Qualcomm devices available
Easily deployable models
Direct SDK available
Specialized for on-device solutions
Handwritten text recognition
Real-time facial feature location


Limited platform support
Restricted to Qualcomm devices
Only uses TensorFlow Lite
No iOS deployment
Potential compatibility issues
Platform-specific optimizations
Limited device support
Dependent on Snapdragon platforms


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