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LightGPT-instruct-6B is a language model developed by AWS Contributors and based on GPT-J 6B. This Transformer-based Language Model has been fine-tuned on the high-quality, Apache-2.0 licensed OIG-small-chip2 instruction dataset containing around 200K training examples.

The model generates text in response to a prompt, with specific instructions formatted in a standard way. The response is indicated to be complete when the model sees the input prompt ending with ### Response:\n.The LightGPT-instruct-6B model is solely designed for English conversations and is licensed under Apache 2.0.

The deployment of the model to Amazon SageMaker is facilitated, and an example code is provided to demonstrate the process. The evaluation of the model includes metrics like LAMBADA PPL, LAMBADA ACC, WINOGRANDE, HELLASWAG, PIQA, and GPT-J.

The documentation warns of the model's limitations, including its failure to follow long instructions accurately, giving incorrect answers to math and reasoning questions, and the model's occasional tendency to generate false and misleading responses.

It generates responses solely based on the prompt given, without any contextual understanding. Thus, the LightGPT-instruct-6B model is a natural language generation tool that can generate responses for a variety of conversational prompts, including those requiring specific instructions.

However, it is essential to be aware of its limitations while using it.


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LightGPT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 26th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Based on GPT-J 6B
Fine-tuned on OIG-small-chip2
Specially built for English
Response-ended signal system
Supported by SageMaker
Example code provided
Evaluated using precise metrics
Transparent about limitations
Apache-2.0 licensed
Mentioned prompt format
Text generation optimized
Mitigated tendency for hallucinations
AWS and HuggingFace collaboration
Factual conversation focused
In-depth model documentation
Wide conversational prompts usage
Pipeline for instruction requests
Model deployment facilitated
Parameter controlled responses
Standard instruction-response format
Explicit example of usage
Facilitated model-on-demand
License restrictions stipulated
Dependencies clearly stated
Transparent performance evaluation
Direct developer contact opportunity
High-quality training datasets
Transformer-based Language Model
SageMaker deployment steps
Defined instruction template
CLEAR output formatting
Built-in GPU partitioning
Advanced result customization
Hyperparameters in example code
Clear responses generation
Large language model based
Functional in SageMaker environment
Entertainment purposes suitable
Robust deployment guide
Model Type specification
Code for model deployment


Limited to English conversations
May generate false responses
Poor accuracy for long instructions
Errors in math and reasoning
Dependent on SageMaker for deployment
Not optimized for large-scale tasks
Failure to understand context
Limited training dataset (200K examples)
Lower performance metrics (LAMBADA, WINOGRANDE)
Requires specific prompt endings


What is LightGPT-instruct-6B?
Who developed LightGPT-instruct-6B?
On what model is LightGPT-instruct-6B based?
What is the primary purpose of LightGPT-instruct-6B?
Which dataset was used to fine-tune LightGPT-instruct-6B?
How does LightGPT-instruct-6B generate responses?
How can LightGPT-instruct-6B be deployed on Amazon SageMaker?
What is the licensing protocol for LightGPT-instruct-6B?
What metrics are used to evaluate LightGPT-instruct-6B?
What limitations should I be aware of when using LightGPT-instruct-6B?
Does LightGPT-instruct-6B generate responses based on context?
What kind of responses can LightGPT-instruct-6B generate?
Can LightGPT-instruct-6B understand languages other than English?
Why might LightGPT-instruct-6B generate incorrect answers to math and reasoning questions?
What is the instruction template used by LightGPT-instruct-6B?
What is the connection between LightGPT and Hugging Face?
How can I use LightGPT-instruct-6B in Transformers?
How many training examples were used to fine-tune LightGPT-instruct-6B?
Can LightGPT-instruct-6B generate false or misleading responses?
How does LightGPT-instruct-6B know when to stop generating a response?


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