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ByAbhinav Kumar
A language teacher tracking and refreshing your skills.
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Lingua Tutor is a GPT designed to enhance language learning among users. The tool primarily works by systematically tracking and refreshing users' language skills over time.

It does this by providing an interactive platform for learners to ask questions, get corrections, request practice exercises, and ask for explanations regarding grammatical aspects of the language they are learning.

Thus, it enables users to either continue improving an existing language or embark on a new language journey. Its functionality requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription, which provides an extended interaction with this GPT, emphasizing its role in providing substantial, continuous language learning support.

Lingua Tutor, designed by Abhinav Kumar, enables learners to sign up and engage in chat-based language learning, thereby leveraging AI capabilities to reinforce language skills in a conversational manner.

Its welcoming interface further engages learners by asking if they are ready to continue their language journey or start a new one. It ensures a continuous learning experience by triggering language-related conversations and exercises.


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