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ByRuben Sanchez
Voice-based, immersive language learning assistant.
GPT welcome message: Hi! What's your native language and what do you want to learn?
Sample prompts:
Let's practice speaking in Spanish:
Translate this slang phrase for me:
How do you greet someone in Italian?
Let's correct this sentence together:
Guess the meaning of this word:
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MundoLingo is a voice-based GPT designed to assist with immersive language learning. The primary purpose of the tool is to generate prompts for interactive learning sessions in different languages, offering a personalized and engaging exercise for users.

The tool's conversation and interaction are based on ChatGPT technology. The interactions begin by identifying the user's native language and the language they wish to learn.

MundoLingo covers various aspects of language learning including translation exercises, spotting and correcting grammatical errors, guessing word meanings, and learning specific language nuances such as slang phrases.

Furthermore, it offers practice and insight into cultural aspects like greetings in different languages. Whether a user is just starting to learn a new language or wants to practice and enhance their skills, MundoLingo can provide a versatile and practical interface.

Due to its voice-based technology, it enables users to practice listening and speaking skills in a way that feels natural and immersive. Please note that usage of MundoLingo requires access to ChatGPT Plus.


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