Irish lessons 2023-10-17
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ByIain MacLaren
A personal tutor for learning Gaeilge.
GPT welcome message: Fáilte! Ready to learn Gaeilge together?
Sample prompts:
How do I say 'hello' in Gaeilge?
Can you give me a beginner's exercise in Gaeilge?
Explain the use of prepositions in Gaeilge.
What are some common idioms in Gaeilge?
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Setanta is a GPT developed with a specific focus on facilitating effective learning of Gaeilge, the Irish language. This personalized tutor is designed to provide both educational lessons and practical exercises to learners.

Setanta's capabilities extend to helping beginners learn basic phrases, giving exercises to improve understanding, explaining the usage of various grammatical elements such as prepositions, and introducing learners to common idioms within the language.

The tool operates using conversational AI, meaning users interact with Setanta through a chat interface. Usage of this tool does require a ChatGPT Plus subscription.

The creator, Iain MacLaren, has strived to make this tool intuitive and learner-friendly to provide a durable understanding of Gaeilge. To engage with the GPT, users pose questions or prompts, and Setanta responds in an interactive, chat-like manner.

The objective of this tool is to make language learning accessible and enjoyable, allowing users to learn at their own pace while maintaining a high level of learning quality.


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