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Unleash the power of AI for learning languages.
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Tutur is an advanced online platform that utilizes artificial intelligence to aid language learning. This platform offers a versatile set of tools designed to boost language proficiency.

A key feature of Tutur includes detailed speech assessments, which allows users to identify areas of improvement in their language skills. These assessments are part of a constructive feedback system built into the platform.

Users can practice their speaking skills via one-on-one conversations with an AI tutor, providing an immersive learning environment. The platform is designed to support multiple languages and includes a variety of scenarios to cover a range of real-life situations, enhancing the authenticity of the learning experience.

A dashboard is presented for users to monitor their progress, making the platform user-friendly and highly interactive. The platform also assures a secure learning environment for its users.

Tutur also offers various pricing plans tailored to different needs, from basic to enterprise options, with varying features and capacities. These entail access to all scenes, replay options for sessions, daily session limits, and per conversation message limits - features that are flexible according to the chosen plan.


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Pros and Cons


Multi language support
Real life scenarios
Secure learning
User progress tracking
Detailed speech assessments
Interactive learning
User friendly dashboard
Flexible pricing plans
Access to all scenes
Sessions replay feature
Daily session limits
Customizable message limits
Fast, efficient
Constructed feedback system
Varied learning scenes
Smart features
Simple transparent pricing
Deep-dive chat analysis
Speech recognition


Limited to online use
Limited languages supported
Limited messages per conversation
Message limits vary by plan
Session replay limited to certain plans
Potential data privacy concerns
Limited to certain scenarios
Possibility of unresolved bugs
Limited daily sessions in basic plan


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