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GPT welcome message: Hello
Sample prompts:
Who are you?
I'm a newbie, can you list a few important words and phrases in English?
Can you teach me some important grammar?
Can you draw a picture with a story so I can look at it and tell the story?
Can you help me with an English test?
How can I improve my English?
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EnglishLearningGPT by HAN STUDIO is a GPT developed to facilitate English learning on the ChatGPT platform. It is an AI-powered tool which aids users in improving their English knowledge and skills.

Meshing together artificial intelligence with a learner-based approach, this tool is built with an array of functionalities. With the GPT, users can initiate conversations using prompt starters such as 'Who are you?', 'I'm a newbie, can you list a few important words and phrases in English?', or 'How can I improve my English?'.

This encourages interactive and engaging language learning. The GPT also supports users in exploring grammar rules, thus enhancing their understanding of English grammar.

This tool also comes with the feature of providing assistance for English tests, a valuable resource for learners studying for English proficiency examinations or needing academic aid.

A unique functionality of the GPT is the ability to draw a picture with a story. Using this feature, users can visualize a story, reinforcing the learning of language through context and creativity.

This approach encapsulates the concept of learning English not just as a language, but as a medium for storytelling and communication. Bear in mind that the EnglishLearningGPT by HAN STUDIO requires ChatGPT Plus.

In summary, this GPT positions itself as a comprehensive digital companion for English language learning, leveraging a blend of AI capabilities and user-experience oriented features.


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