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Generates flashcards from course or web notes.
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Paperclips is an AI tool that automatically generates quality flashcards from your course notes or any other information available on the web. This web-based tool allows you to export the generated flashcards to various formats including Anki, Quizlet, CSV, and PDF.

Additionally, Paperclips offers two other tools in its arsenal - Copilot and Web to cater to your diverse needs.Copilot is a browser extension that helps create smart flashcards from anywhere on the internet in a few simple clicks.

Web, on the other hand, helps to create quality flashcards from your course notes easily.Paperclips works in any language, and it lets you generate flashcards automatically in the same language as your notes.

It allows you to export generated flashcards to your favorite flashcard platform like Anki or Quizlet, among other formats. Paperclips meets you where you are, meaning you can create flashcards from anywhere and import them to the tool or export them to your favorite platform.

Additionally, the tool offers a highlights feature in Copilot that lets you choose the most critical concepts or information to be included in your flashcards.If you have feedback or ideas to improve Paperclips, you can connect with them through their contact page.

Paperclips is the best way to create high-quality flashcards and an ideal tool to boost your learning journey.


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Pros and Cons


Generates flashcards from notes
Web-based tool
Exports to various formats
Exports to Anki, Quizlet
Exports to CSV, PDF
Offers Copilot and Web
Copilot creates flashcards
Web creates flashcards
Works in any language
Generates flashcards in note's language
Create flashcards anywhere
Export flashcards to any platform
Offers highlights feature in Copilot
Feedback receiving mechanism
Browser extension available
Ideal for boosting learning


No mobile app
Browser extension limited to Chrome
Monolingual flashcards
No collaborative features
Limited file export formats
No offline functionality
No customization options
No built-in study system


What is Paperclips?
How does Paperclips generate flashcards?
What is Paperclips Copilot?
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How can I export the flashcards generated by Paperclips?
Does Paperclips support all languages?
Does Paperclips allow flashcard creation from any location?
How can I highlight concepts using Paperclips Copilot?
Which platforms can I export my flashcards to with Paperclips?
How can I provide feedback or improvement ideas for Paperclips?
Can Paperclips create flashcards from my digital course notes?
What's the difference between Paperclips and other services like Anki or Quizlet?
Is there a free version of Paperclips and what are its limitations?
What are the text limits for a highlight in Paperclips Copilot?
What formats can I export my flashcards in with Paperclips?
How many flashcards can Paperclips generate?
How does the auto-generation of flashcards work in Paperclips?
Can I add Paperclips Copilot to my Chrome browser?
Are there any digital notes that Paperclips Web can't work with?
How does Paperclips aid my learning journey?

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