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ByEric Rafael Ramos Suárez
Summarizing study materials with examples.
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Study Buddy is a GPT designed to aid users in their study endeavors. This tool accomplishes so by summarizing study materials and providing illustrative examples to bolster understanding.

Its primary objective is to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of learning sessions that a user undertakes, while also adding an element of fun.

The GPT operates through simple yet constructive prompts given by the user. These may include requests for summarization, explanations of specific topics along with examples, assistance in comprehending difficult chapters, and the crafting of customized study guides.

To gain access to the services offered by Study Buddy, a user is required to sign up, and the GPT needs ChatGPT Plus for its operation. The tool, with its welcoming and interactive approach, promotes a conducive learning environment which in turn results in enriched study time.


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