Learning 14 Sep 2023
Personalized learning and idea generator companion.

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Melon is a tool that serves as a personal learning companion, designed to help users save, organize, and generate ideas from any online content. Its purpose is to redirect users' digital habits towards becoming better thinkers.

By capturing insights as soon as they appear, Melon aims to assist users in connecting the dots and growing smarter over time. The tool is versatile, allowing users to save and organize content from various sources, regardless of the medium, such as podcasts, articles, TikToks, and reels.

Melon's goal is to help users have more "lightbulb" moments, encouraging personalized insights and improved thinking skills. It aims to assist users in applying what they have learned to their daily lives, fostering lifelong learning in a digital world.

Melon is part of a global community that is focused on personal growth and development. It offers the opportunity to join like-minded individuals committed to lifelong learning.

By leveraging Melon's features, users can enhance their learning experiences and develop their thinking capabilities. Melon is developed by Classmate Technologies Ltd, a company dedicated to creating innovative solutions for learners.

Melon was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on September 14th 2023.
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Daniel Jackson
· Sep 22, 2023
Just had a look, looks promising.
Stericast Essevako
· Sep 19, 2023
I like the idea, so far it seems promising! Works well on desktop, although it's not very optimized for smaller screen sizes (like my 14" laptop). It's a bit annoying that you have to first feed it with plenty of online resources (adding just text content isn't possible) before the AI wakes up, but after that it's very useful as an interactive library of everything you saved there.
· Sep 18, 2023
Glitchy, not useable on mobile and full of spelling errors.
Bodhi Valentine
· Sep 17, 2023
Love the promise of this idea but the website is unusable on mobile, which makes it impossible to explore.

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