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Child-friendly game teaches solving real-world problems.
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Adventure AI is an educational social game that allows kids to learn real AI skills through a self-paced curriculum in their areas of interest, such as AI-assisted art, coding AI, and everything GPT, among others.

The game takes place in Discord, where kids work through the "training school" quests and eventually graduate to "world school," where they create competitive, marketable creations with real-world value that can rival those of professionals.

The curriculums are updated weekly with new materials, and the set of AI tools and experiments the kids can utilize expand weekly as well. The game aims to maximize intrinsic motivation and offers a social and collaborative environment where kids can help each other, riff on others' work, and talk in voice channels, especially for team quests.

Adventure AI offers different pricing tiers, including a basic one for kids who want to play around with AIs without the curriculum, a curriculum-only tier, and an advanced one that offers full advantage of the game's opportunities, including the self-paced AI curriculum, world school, and unlimited AI usage.

Lastly, for kids who want to deepen their knowledge, the game offers an AI expert teacher tier that includes weekly live classes with the AI researcher who developed Adventure AI.

Overall, Adventure AI is an interactive and fun way for kids to learn about AI and its applications while creating marketable, real-world solutions.


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Adventureai was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 27th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Self-paced Curriculum
Real-world problem solving
Multidisciplinary Learning Paths
Gradual progression (Training to World School)
Creates marketable skills/creations
Frequently updated curriculum
Promotes intrinsic motivation in learning
Social and Collaborative game structure
Voice Channels for Team Quests
Diverse Pricing Tiers
Education through gaming
Develops Competitive Skills
New Materials added weekly
Offers marketable creation opportunities
Unique discord-based social learning
Interests-driven learning paths
Money-back guarantee
Works for diverse age groups
Different program paths based on learner's interest
Creates competitive spirit among learners
Offers a fun learning environment
Learning outcomes have real-world value
Provides community for kids with similar interests


Only on Discord
Cost can be prohibitive
Updated material may overwhelm
Requires self-discipline
No standalone application
Competitive environment
Needs reliable internet connection
Teacher interaction only for highest tier
Dependent on weekly updates


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How does Adventure AI assist in developing real-world marketable solutions?
What is 'world school' in Adventure AI and how does it differ from 'training school'?
What are some areas of interest that children can explore in Adventure AI?
Is there any expert guidance provided in Adventure AI?
What are some types of creations that kids can make in Adventure AI?
How does Adventure AI aim to maximize intrinsic motivation in learning?
What is the role of AI in the Adventure AI game?
Can children play with AI tools without following the curriculum in Adventure AI?
Does Adventure AI offer live classes?
How does devoting to 'team quests' work in Adventure AI?
Is there a money-back guarantee during the first 30 days with Adventure AI?
Who is the AI researcher that developed Adventure AI and works closely with the kids?


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