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Adaptive career coaching based on skills and interests.
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AImentor is a personal AI-mentor that will help you to find your new career. It saves hours of searching for answers and watching videos, allowing you to learn everything you are interested in minutes 24/7.

AImentor will suggest the best possible career paths and help you to close blind spots in your skills. It adapts tutorials to your skills and career and provides personalized AI insights to help you explore blind spots.

It also assists you in testing your interests with Youtube. AImentor is available to try for free and it comes with a Skill Map, Career Explorer, and Pricing options.


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Pros and Cons


Adaptive career coaching
Personalized learning paths
24/7 availability
Skill gap analysis
Career path suggestions
Interactive learning via YouTube
Free trial version
Skill Mapping feature
Career exploration feature
Fast learning process
Helps reveal blind spots
Enabled for multiple platforms
Social media integrations
Tailors tutorials to skills
Available on Google Play
Good Privacy and Content policies
Easily accessible customer support
Customized learning experience
Aligns with personal interests
Learning speed optimization
Flexible pricing options
Challenges to test knowledge
Multidisciplinary learning opportunities
Supports career upgrade
Learning data visualizations
Variety of learning methods
Supports multiple careers
Helps establish learning goals
Global accessibility


Requires JavaScript
No iOS app mentioned
Possible regional restrictions
Unclear pricing options
Limited to career coaching
Depends on Youtube content
Lacks multi-language support


What is AImentor?
How does AImentor help with my career path?
Can AImentor help me identify my skills and interests?
How does AImentor personalise AI insights?
How can AImentor assist me with learning on Youtube?
Can I try AImentor for free?
What features does AImentor offer?
What is the Career Explorer in AImentor?
What is the Skill Map on AImentor?
Is this app only available online?
Do I need JavaScript to run AImentor?
What is the science feature on AImentor?
What options does AImentor have for payments?
How can I sign in to use AImentor?
What is the content policy on AImentor?
Is AImentor available in other languages?
Can I download the Unschooler app on Google Play?
Can AImentor help me find a new career?
Can AImentor suggest the best possible career paths?
Can AImentor help me improve my skills?


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