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Unleash the power of AI with EdApp’s Creator Tool.
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AI Create is an advanced tool integrated in EdApp's Creator Tool suite. It is designed to expedite the process of course creation by generating courses instantaneously with the click of a button.

The tool focuses on streamlining the brainstorming and research elements of course creation, thereby letting instructional designers focus on crafting engaging and interactive course content.

Using AI Create, course authors can generate an entire lesson, or only a slide's content, without the need for manual research or a pre-compiled outline.

AI Create is developed to generate content that abides by the latest learning strategies and trends, with a specific inclination towards micro or bite-sized learning.

This ensures your teams can improve their competency rates effectively while reducing the time-to-development and deployment for the course designers.

Designed with user convenience in mind, courses created with AI Create can be accessed and completed by learners at any time and from anywhere.


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Pros and Cons


Expedite course creation
Streamlines brainstorming and research
Allows focus on interaction
Generates entire lessons
Generates slide content
No manual research required
Content abides by trends
Focuses on microlearning
Improves team competency rates
Reduces time-to-development
Courses accessible anytime, anywhere
Compatible with mobile LMS
Integrates with EdApp’s Creator
Defeats writer’s block
Instant course generation
No pre-compiled outline needed
Designed for user convenience
Works with latest strategies
Deploys quickly
Suitable for bite-sized learning
Overcomes brainstorming hurdles
Ensures effective content design
Allows anytime course completion
Attracts instructional designers
Accelerates competency enhancement
Leverages latest learning trends
Adopts latest learning strategies
On-the-go course access
Suits all devices
Free-of-cost tool
Avoids starting courses from scratch
Generates ideas for lessons
Cuts down research process
Eliminates need for inspiration
Instructional designers would love
Designed for workplace learning
Built for bite-sized learning
Increases development speed


Limited to course creation
Not suitable for intimate learning
Reduced author control over content
Lacks custom research capability
Limited flexibility in content scope
No offline capabilities mentioned
Lack of advanced formatting tools
Potential for repetitious course structures
Unclear interactivity level of content


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