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Assisted SQL query generation for non-technical users.
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AI Query is a tool that enables users to generate SQL queries without knowledge of the language. AI Query uses a state of the art GPT-3 AI model to provide fast and accurate results.

The tool has a dashboard interface that allows users to easily define their database tables. Once this is done, users can generate SQL queries with simple text prompts, and AI Query will do the rest of the work.

AI Query supports PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB and SQL Server databases. The tool offers two pricing tiers: Pro Monthly ($10/month) and Pro Yearly ($100/year) with a two-month free trial.

AI Query is a great tool for developers who want to quickly generate complex SQL queries.


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AI Query was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 30th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Generates SQL from English
Dashboard interface for tables
MySQL support
PostgreSQL support
MariaDB support
SQL Server support
Pro Monthly and Yearly plans
Two-month free trial
Complex query generation
SQL to English feature
Unlimited SQL query generation
Unlimited SQL explanations
Unlimited Database Schema
Save and share SQL queries
Unlimited SQL Query History
Priority Support
Cancellation anytime
Contact for technical issues


Limited database support
Lacks custom pricing options
No lite/free version
Depends on text prompts
No multi-language support
No offered training
Potential GPT-3 inaccuracies


What is AI Query?
What does AI Query do?
What databases does AI Query support?
How does AI Query work?
Does AI Query require any prior knowledge of SQL?
What is GPT-3 and how is it used in AI Query?
How can I define my database tables in AI Query?
What are the pricing tiers for AI Query?
What does the Pro Monthly plan offer?
What advantages does the Pro Yearly plan provide?
Does AI Query offer any free trial?
What kind of queries can AI Query generate?
How can I get started with AI Query?
What happens if I cancel my subscription?
Can I save and share my SQL queries using AI Query?
Does AI Query have a feature that explains SQL?
Is any priority support offered for Pro Monthly and Pro Yearly subscribers?
How can I contact the AI Query team for any issues?
Can AI Query help to translate SQL to English?
How accurate are the SQL queries generated by AI Query?


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