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Custom language model builder with data integration.
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Supervised AI is a no-code AI development platform that allows enterprises to integrate AI into their current business operations and empowers individuals to build their own large language models (LLMs).

The platform utilizes OpenAI's GPT engine to build supervised LLMs that are backed by users' own data. Users can fine-tune AI models by leveraging their data and Supervised AI's technology to create high-accuracy AI at a fast pace.

The platform offers an environment for building custom LLMs and AI apps that are powerful and scalable. Additionally, users have the ability to integrate their AI models anywhere using the Supervised API.

Supervised AI simplifies the deployment process by hosting users' AI apps on cloud servers, eliminating the need for users to worry about hosting and deployment.

Furthermore, the platform provides seamless payment collection, allowing users to monetize their AI apps by collecting one-time fees or subscription payments.

Users can take control over their app's user interface (UI) by easily switching between different UI templates. Supervised AI also offers pre-built models and data sources from a library, enabling developers to build custom AI apps based on existing resources.

With over 7,000 global corporations already using Supervised AI to build LLMs, users can join the platform for free without requiring any credit card information.

Supervised AI aims to unlock the untapped potential of AI by allowing users to harness their data and build new AI models from scratch.


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Supervised was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 24th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


No-code platform
Custom LLM builder
Data integration
User data supported
Allows model fine-tuning
Deployment on cloud servers
Seamless payment collection
Monetization capabilities
UI control
Switchable UI templates
Pre-built models available
Pre-built data sources
Free access
No credit card required
App deployment simplified
Subscription payment acceptance
Active user community
Enterprise readiness
Over 7,000 corporations users
Model hosting capabilities
UI customization
Frequent template updates
Use of existing resources
Collaborative developer ecosystem
Easy onboarding process
Professional customer support


Lack of multi-language support
Reliant on user's data
Limited premade UI templates
Requires understanding of LLM
Potential GPT engine limitations
Possible data privacy concerns
Only cloud-based hosting offered
Dependent on external payment systems
Limited resources in library


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