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Custom app development and integration.

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Glide AI is an AI tool that allows users to build and deploy custom AI-powered apps for their business. It offers a set of powerful AI building blocks that can easily be integrated into apps and workflows.

With Glide AI, users can build, design, and ship custom apps powered by AI in just minutes.One of the standout features of Glide AI is its simplicity.

Building with AI is as straightforward as adding a column to a table, eliminating the need to deal with complex APIs, manage prompts, choose models, or cache results for cost and performance optimization.

Glide AI handles all of these tasks automatically.The tool supports various AI capabilities, including text generation, image-to-text extraction, text-to-date/number/boolean/choice conversion, and audio-to-text transcription.

Glide AI automatically selects the best model for each use case, without requiring users to provision, authenticate, manage APIs, or worry about migration.Efficient caching is another notable feature of Glide AI.

Calls are cached at the app level, allowing for result reuse throughout the entire company. This not only reduces costs but also ensures optimal performance.Glide AI leverages models from OpenAI, Azure ML, and Google Cloud, constantly testing and refining to provide the best user experience.

It works seamlessly with any data source supported by the Glide platform, making it easy to add AI functionality to existing apps.For those looking to get started quickly, Glide AI offers templates and comprehensive resources, including documentation, video tutorials, and a supportive community.

The tool is currently available as a beta on Pro, Business, and Enterprise plans, with free preview access to AI-powered templates.

Glide Apps was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on September 15th 2023.
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