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Boost your sales, support, and marketing on WhatsApp with AI
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As an AI assistant designed specifically to integrate with the WhatsApp platform, Popcorn facilitates enhanced engagement for businesses in terms of sales, support, and marketing.

Its suite of features is aimed towards effortless scalability on WhatsApp, specifically designed to cater to a wide range of businesses. Popcorn's platform is a no-code AI platform, designed to ease and empower operations across various sectors including real estate, e-commerce, and healthcare.

The AI assistant has customizable functionalities, capable of providing personalized interactions that align with unique business needs. Context-aware intelligence enables informed decision-making and ensures the growth of businesses in tandem with the AI capabilities.

It also supports seamless integration with various business tools and apps, convening a unified and efficient workflow. Collaborative elements are introduced via smart handover features which blend AI efficiency with human touch.

In addition, Popcorn's platform includes robust analytics, providing data-driven insights to improve business operations. Scalability is considered, with this solution able to adapt and grow with expanded business capabilities, indicating Popcorn's commitment to meeting evolving demands.


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Pros and Cons


WhatsApp specific integration
Sales, support, marketing enhancement
No-code platform
Effortless scalability
Real Estate, E-commerce, Healthcare sectors support
Customizable functionalities
Personalized interactions
Context-aware intelligence
Seamless integration with business tools
Unified and efficient workflow
Smart handover features
Robust analytics
Data-driven insights
Adaptable and growing solution
Boosts business growth
Plans for varying business sizes
Multiple WhatsApp numbers connection
Knowledge collection capabilities
Human handover capabilities
Custom integrations
Advanced analytics
Unlimited tracking
Dedicated premium support


Only integrates with WhatsApp
No code might limit flexibility
Customizability may require technical knowledge
Expensive for high-level plans
Platform-specific scalability
No explicit data safety policies
Limited sectors of use
Dependent on external business tools
Reliance on smart handover effectiveness


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How scalable is the solution provided by Popcorn?
How can Popcorn enhance my sales, support, and marketing on WhatsApp?
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Can Popcorn interact with my customers in a personalized way?
What's the process to start using Popcorn?

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