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Create a marketing strategy and business plan with AI.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI tool designed to help budding entrepreneurs and seasoned marketing experts to craft business strategies and plans swiftly and efficiently.

Its key functionalities include a marketing strategy builder, a business plan creator, and an idea generator. Users can leverage the power of AI to create detailed marketing strategies, including target audience definition, product positioning, and value propositions.

The business plan creation feature allows users to input their business details for an instant business plan, which can be customised as required and printed directly from the users account.

The tool also includes an innovative business idea generator for when users need a fresh start. To assure its users on data privacy, the tool ensures user data is stored securely, not shared or used in training models.

With a wide variety of industry interest options available, the assists users across various industries including e-commerce, real estate, health, and agriculture among others.


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Pros and Cons


Marketing strategy builder
Business plan creator
Innovative idea generator
Secure user data storage
Data not used in training
Broad industry application
Customizable business plans
Print from account
Target audience analysis
Product positioning aid
Value proposition development
E-commerce support
Real estate industry support
Health industry support
Agriculture industry support
Consultancy industry support
Supply chain support
SSL protections
User data removal option
Business idea industry filters
Can upload business data
Visual chart building
HTTPS protected browsing
Budget consideration for ideas
Time-saving tool
No billing info stored


No offline version
No API integration
No multi-user support
Not suitable for non-entrepreneurs
Lack of industry specialism
No integration with CRM/ERP
Restricted business plan customization
No pricing strategy assistance
No data import options
No mobile application


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Can the business plans created with be customised?
How does help in defining the target audience?
How does assist with product positioning?
What are value propositions in's process?
Can I print my business plan directly from my account?
How can help with product positioning?
What is's stance on data privacy?
What sectors can cater to?
Can help me with my e-commerce business?
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