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Everloop is an AI automation tool that offers a variety of services to businesses of different sizes. The main capabilities of Everloop are centralized around intelligent communication, AI consulting, data insight and processing, and predictive analytics.

With Everloop, businesses can optimize their communication with advanced language tools to create complex responses, develop customer-friendly chatbots, and fine-tune their messaging for maximum impact.

Everloop also offers expert AI guidance to help businesses identify practical AI applications, measure performance, and develop a targeted AI strategy.

It has data processing features that transform unstructured data into actionable insights through processes such as data categorization, mining, and text summarization.

Predictive analytics is another major functionality of Everloop where it uses advanced AI to predict customer behavior, anticipate market trends, assess business risks, and generate critical business insights.

The predictive analytics services extend to fields like sales forecasting, fraud detection, customer churn prediction, and operational efficiency among others.

Everloop operates as per a monthly subscription structure, offering Basic and Premium plans tailored to varying operational needs.


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Pros and Cons


Intelligent communication
Advanced language tools
Business messaging analysis
Unstructured data processing
Data categorization
Data mining
Text summarization
Customer behavior prediction
Market trend analysis
Business risk assessment
Sales forecasting
Fraud detection
Customer churn prediction
Operational efficiency improvement
Subscription-based model
Tailored plans
Process automation
Predictive maintenance
Personalized marketing
Supply chain optimization
Price optimization
Product recommendations
Sentiment analysis
Hiring and recruitment automation
Actionable data insights
Pause or cancel anytime
Credit-card payments
Consultation included in package
Unlimited users
Referral earning potential
Chatbot development
Communication optimization
Business Intelligence Generation


Expensive subscription plans
Limited consulting time
Lacks detailed integration information
Unspecified automation speed
Request methods not clear
Lack of task coverage clarity
No mentioned refund policy
No information on tool compatibility
Potentially unsuitable for small businesses
Based in Portugal - possible timezone issues


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