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One platform to generate all AI contents & AI Voiceovers
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AI Majic is a versatile artificial intelligence platform designed to cater to various AI content and voiceover needs. The platform provides a wide range of AI tools which facilitate blogging, advertisement creation, text-to-speech production, and much more.

Users can select a writing tool from a broad selection, provide specific details about their content requirements, and the AI generates human-like, tailored content in response.

AI Majic also offers creative virtual AI assistants, trained to answer user queries and provide requested information. Content generation features include creating blog posts, job descriptions, emails, social media content, and more.

It streamlines the content creation process by offering multiple templates and enhancing writing skills. The platform also permits AI image creation, transforming the task of developing unique art or images into a much simpler and quicker process.

Another noteworthy feature of the AI Majic platform is its capacity for voiceover synthesis, creating natural-sounding, engaging voiceovers with human-like emotion.

Additional tools allow users to generate code in various programming languages by describing requirements in natural language. Transcriptions of audio files are also accurate, irrespective of the format and language of the input.

Beyond basic functionalities, the AI Majic platform provides analytical tools for AI usage monitoring and team collaboration features for shared content creation.

It supports project management while offering numerous templates for different tasks, facilitating efficient workflow. From ad creation to eCommerce descriptions to generating creative stories, academic essays, and even legal documents like privacy policies, AI Majic provides an extensive array of AI capabilities in a single platform.


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Pros and Cons


Processes structured and unstructured data
Supports text, images, and videos
Over 25 supported languages
Offers 2FA account protection
Exports text in PDF, Word
Provides deep learning insights
Optimizes content creation process
Generates creative names for startups
Offers grammar checking tool
Generates FAQs and answers
Creates user reviews/testimonials
Supports project management
Transforms text to speech
Features job description generation
Generates social media content
Enables content summarization
Supports text-to-speech production
Offers code generation in multiple languages
Accurate audio transcriptions
Supports team collaboration
Includes multiple templates for tasks
Generates creative stories, academic essays
Blog, advertisement, email crafting
Automates privacy policy creation
Generates catchy ad headlines, blog titles
Supports content rewriting, extending
Generates product descriptions, benefits
Facilitates tone change in content
Creates terms and conditions information
Generates marketing PR tools
Provides press release tools
Creates social media ads, posts
Designs social media captions, hashtags
Supports song lyrics generation
Creates notifications for apps, SMS
Manages company-wide, product press releases
Generates brand names
Features studio-quality voiceover creation
Automates privacy policy creation
Generates accurate audio transcriptions
Generates scripts for videos
Creates meta descriptions
Generates product comparisons
Creates notification messages
Generates email subject lines
Generates content for newsletters


Limited language support
No offline access
Dependent on user input
No integrated plagiarism check
Limited API availability
Content quality varies
Limited customizability
Storage limits
Limited team collaboration tools
Subscription pricing model


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Does AI Majic provide features for creating job descriptions?
What advanced features does AI Majic offer besides base functionalities?
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How does AI Majic handle the task of producing unique images or art?

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