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Create Custom Speaking Assignments
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Speakable is a multi-lingual tool designed to aid in the creation of auto-graded speaking activities, suitable for over 100 languages. It's primary function is to relieve teachers from the burden of grading hours of recordings, thereby allocating more time for instruction.

The platform offers a suite of features including Speaking Cards, which enable students to practice pronunciation by repeating phrases or responding to prompts.

The Listening Cards feature offers custom audio lessons using text-to-speech technology and also provides options to integrate videos and podcasts for enhanced listening exercises.

In addition, Writing Cards and Reading Cards are provided to respectively improve students' writing skills and reading comprehension. Speakable also includes grading and feedback tools, such as ACTFL/WIDA estimates to gauge student's language proficiency and a Gradebook & Analytics tool to monitor student performance, aiding teachers in data-driven decision making.

The platform offers real-time feedback to instantly guide students during tasks. Furthermore, Speakable offers integrations with various platforms such as Google Images, Youtube, Clever, and Google Classroom, and a content library featuring resources created by its worldwide community of educators.

This tool provides an efficient way for teachers to create engaging activities while also effectively tracking students' progress in language learning.


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Speakable was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 6th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Supports 100+ languages
Flexible assignment builder
Includes multimedia elements
Automated grading feature
Provides instant feedback
Messenger and grade book analytics
Self-assessment option
Active development and support
Public word sets library
Ability to import Quizlet sets
Custom pricing plans
Google Classroom integration
Bulk import function
Contains research-backed features
Free core functionality
Allows customized pronunciation
Supports 180+ languages
Allows picture inclusion
Supports voice recording
Allows custom translations
Allows pronunciation practice
Supports new vocabulary learning
Grammar practice features
Includes ear training components
Auto-graded speaking assignments
Offers accent training
Helps build students' confidence
Allows communication focus
Supports teacher and peer-made sets


Limited bulk import options
May not support lesser-known languages
Unsupported accents or regional dialects
Dependent on internet connection
Lacks real-time interactive exercises
No mobile app
No multi-user management
Limited integration with external tools
Inability to evaluate intonation
Non-transparent pricing policy


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