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Easily deploy code-free intelligent systems.
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AI Studio is an AI tool that allows users to build and deploy complex intelligent systems. It eliminates the need for writing any code, making it extremely user-friendly.

The tool has different functionalities such as POST, GET, Await and Join, and Prompt among others. With AI Studio, users can also generate images and text through its Simple GPT feature.

The tool also supports JSON (jq) for easier data manipulation. It is powered by an open-source core that allows users to export and run it on their own hardware.

Public usage is free, but users have to bring their own keys. AI Studio is highly customizable, and users can choose from a range of models and plugins such as OpenAI GPTModule, RingBufferModule, and JQModule, among others.

However, there is no information about the number of models available in the tool. It is worth noting that the tool is currently in beta, with a demo that may not work on phones.

Overall, AI Studio can be an excellent tool for individuals or businesses looking to build and deploy complex intelligent systems without coding. Its open-source core and free public usage make it accessible to all, while its customizable feature allows users to create AI models tailored to their specific needs.


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AIStudio was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 14th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Code-free system deployment
Supports POST, GET, Await
Supports Join, and Prompt
Generates images and text
Simplifies GPT feature
Supports JSON (jq)
Open-source core
Exports and runs on hardware
Free public usage
Requires own keys
Highly customizable
Various model choices
Offers plugins
Includes RingBufferModule
Includes JQModule
Built for non-programmers
Beta testing stage
Text generation options
Image generation options
Flexible integration with APIs


Currently in beta
Requires own keys
No mobile compatibility
Model quantity unknown
High customization complexity
No clear support structure
Open-source, potential security concerns
No built-in usage guidance


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