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Optimized Node.js serverless functions.
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EnergeticAI is an open-source AI tool optimized for serverless functions in Node.js applications. It is built on TensorFlow.js and offers several key features to enhance performance and usability.

With EnergeticAI, users can benefit from fast cold-start times, small module sizes, and access to pre-trained models. The tool can be easily installed within seconds and allows for seamless scalability with business-friendly licensing.The tool provides pre-trained embeddings for recommendations and other applications, enabling users to hit the ground running by leveraging existing models.

Additionally, it offers classifiers for text categorization with minimal training examples, as well as planned functionality for question-answering models based on meaning.EnergeticAI emphasizes maximizing cold-start performance while minimizing module size, making it ideal for serverless functions.

Compared to TensorFlow.js, it claims to deliver up to 67 times faster inference speed. The tool provides a benchmark to showcase its initialization and computation speed on a specific hardware setup.The usability of EnergeticAI is a notable aspect, with easy installation and business-friendly licensing.

It can be downloaded from the NPM repository and requires Node 18+. The tool is licensed under Apache 2.0, though specific dependencies may vary.Overall, EnergeticAI offers developers a powerful open-source AI solution for their Node.js applications, focusing on speed, efficiency, and usability.


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Pros and Cons


Optimized for serverless functions
Fast cold-start times
Small module sizes
Access to pre-trained models
Quick and easy installation
Scalable with business licensing
Pre-trained embeddings for recommendations
Text categorization classifiers
Speed gain vs TensorFlow.js
Clear benchmark for performance
Apache 2.0 license
Compatible with Node 18+
Downloadable from NPM repository
Future support for question-answering models
Maximized cold-start performance
Minimized module size
67 times faster inference
Recommendations with sentence embeddings
Faster cold-start speeds


No support for non Node.js applications
No offline working capability
Limited to Apache 2.0 license
Requires Node 18+
Dependent on hardware setup
Limited pre-trained models
Restricted to text-based applications
Doesn't offer custom models
Specific dependencies may vary
No feature for answer-questioning models


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How does EnergeticAI showcase its initialization and computation speed?
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Which hardware setup is optimal for EnergeticAI?
Where can I download EnergeticAI from?
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What dependencies does EnergeticAI have?
Is there any documentation available for EnergeticAI?
What are the benefits of using pre-trained embeddings in EnergeticAI?
How can I contribute to the EnergeticAI open-source project?

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